Top Paint Color Selection Tips

Picking a paint scheme is a big decision

Simple Color Picking Tips

Picking a color for any room in your home can be tiring and stressful. There’s nothing worse than having dozens of paint swatches and still not having a good idea what will look best on your walls. Use these 3 tips to help you narrow down your choices!

1. Darker colors closer to the ground

By keeping darker colors in your color palette closer to the ground, you’re mimicking the natural world and creating a space that is visually easy and simple. Lighter colors higher up also give the impression of a larger space, and lighter feeling – subtly making rooms more relaxing to be in.

Darker colors near the ground makes the space feel larger
Darker colors near the ground makes the space feel larger

2. Keep contrasting simple by using the color wheel

When choosing accent colors it can be tempting to go with bold and opposing colors. This can end up looking good but can also be risky. The safer route is to use the color wheel and pick simple and similar colors. For example if your room is blue you can use green as an accent as it’s next to blue on the color wheel. Or use orange as an accent for a red room. Keeping things in the same color family will make shopping for decor easier as well since you won’t be balancing two clashing colors.

3. Go with a neutral color

If you truly can’t make up your mind you may want to use beiges, grays, and taupes to create a neutral colored space and then add in furniture and decor with different colors to provide contrast. A neutral color will let you change up your decor more and have more freedom with color schemes in the long run. This is particularly helpful in small spaces to make them feel larger, or for spaces that may serve multiple purposes like a family room.

Using neutral colors gives you lots of opportunities to add pops of color
Using neutral colors gives you lots of opportunities to add pops of color

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