DIY Cabinet Staining

Cabinets staining

How to DIY Cabinet Staining

Staining cabinet kitchen areas takes a lot of work and you need proper equipment to make it perfect. Your cooking area cabinet can get stained with usage and you need an excellent stain so the cabinet will appear like brand-new all the time. If you understand how to stain cooking area cabinets you can easily do it at the minimum of expense and in a short time.

Sanding and Conditioning

Your main goal throughout a Do It Yourself for staining cooking area cabinets is that you put up a barrier from more finger prints and discolorations and keep the wood looking fresh and brand-new for a minimum of a complete year. Normally, while purchasing cabinets, resident select oak or birch for this purpose.

Use the sandpaper a number of times and it would eliminate any possible scratches while supplying a smooth surface. You can get rid of any dust particles on the cabinet and after that use a wood conditioner which will seal the stain to make it eventually unnoticeable.

Allow it to dry and after that begin using the stain in a circular movement to keep proportion in the pattern to make it permeate the wood. You must do it lastly following the grain of the wood for a more even finish.

Stain your cabinets for a new look
Stain your cabinets for a new look


Apply 2 coats of polyurethane surface.

Mostly, the stain is not a wood protector, it just helps color the wood and gives it an attractive shine.

The very best technique is oil based polyurethane surface and you require to use 2 coats for much better sealant of the wood. If you understand how to stain cooking area cabinets, you might be on your way to making the wood of the cabinet look definitely as if was simply purchased off the rack at a shop near you.

Staining cooking area cabinets can obviously look difficult to do, however with a little advice you can be on your way to doing up the cooking area cabinets in a budget-friendly way. Stain your cabinets for a consistently great look and feel!

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