futsal goalkeeper positioning

The positioning of these players can attribute to different strategies during the game.

Goalkeepers Futsal Technique 1 Counter 1. it’s something you can take away from your futsal practise that you can proactively look to use in these game situations.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Want to find out more about futsal? With one goalkeeper in goal, five extra players pass the ball around the top of the penalty area while the goalkeeper adjusts their position according to the ball. Again because of the smaller pitch size, shots are closer in and you are more likely to face short to mid-range football style shots than the long distance pot-shots seen on a full sized football pitch. I hope that is of your interest. VALLEGALLEGO@GMAIL.COM While most goalies stick to off-pitch sessions to work on specific muscle groups or fitness, playing other sports like futsal can actually be helpful when it comes to core skills like hand-eye co-ordination and reading the play. A defensive formation, such as 2-1-1, would allow for a more defensive team and have better strength in stopping goals. Cross Good morning. This position requires a combination of athleticism, skill and quick decision making abilities.

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Keep in mind that indoor soccer rules and field sizes may vary in different areas. Three easy steps to improve goalie positioning Being in the right place at the right time is the most important part of the goalkeeping art. We started a series of videos where we will analyze the work of Futsal goalkeeping from a technical standpoint and tactical. Like the way Onana uses his feet when standing tall and challenging in-close against 1-on1s, or Lloris will block shots between his legs by bringing a foot in, you can work on the eye co-ordination of ball and feet to save actively in your football season. Want to find out more about futsal? In the above example Portugal are playing an outfield player as their fly goalkeeper in search of the equalizer in the Futsal Euro 2018 final. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

This position is not as offensive as the pivot, yet not as defensive as the defender. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com.
American sports coaches and gurus call this ‘cross training’ (as you train across sports, away from your main sport for fun/general fitness) and futsal played in or out of season, is great for keeping up fitness levels and working on technique in an abstract, rather than defined way (i.e. The Goalkeeper is the most specialised position in futsal (as in many other sports playing for a goal). Overall, futsal is a fast paced, exciting game that is growing all the time – its tons of fun for goalkeepers and can massively improve your goalkeeping in today’s fast and furious game of football so why not give it a try! Palming away shots when diving low, or blocking with close-in shots when spreading out or on a 1-on-1, can be considered the focus of the game/session, as you work on being able to translate this kind of technique into your football games. The Goalkeeper is the most specialised position in futsal (as in many other sports playing for a goal).

Being a goalkeeper on the Futsal court or field involves more than standing between the crossbars in front of a net.

These attributes are true no matter what type of soccer you are playing, but there is more needed in a Futsal keeper.

A smaller playing area means one-two plays and passing opportunities are more deadly, so you need to be quick to cover side-to-side chances with strong footwork.

Change ). In this advanced wide position the fly keeper stretches the opposition and looks to attack at the far post with well-timed runs. Reflex saves can only be heightened by working your reaction times and lessening them; in one way, the only way to know for certain how fast your reactions are, is to test them against the best. 2, New training exercise to training a futsal two against two. When one of the five players decide to take a shot, the goalkeeper reacts and attempts to make a save. Whilst it may seem odd to move away from your main sport to get match ready, there are reasons behind it for making you a better goalkeeper.

Contact Keeperstop with any questions on goalkeeper positioning drills or videos in the USA. If a goalkeeper is in the right angle they have the best chance to make a save. The young English goalkeepers capable of knocking Jordan Pickford off his perch. This allows for more defensive and attacking strength when needed.

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